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Dear Parents:
We are currently at max capacity and will not be accepting any new children.
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Policies and Procedures

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Payment Options:
Cash, as always...and we are also accepting pennies but will round as needed.
Cheque, please note that cheques will be cashed as close to the 1st and the 15th of each month.
Credit Card- YES! We are now excepting credit cards well kinda....
Will be accepting: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express through email invoicing.
To pay via credit card please let Ms Barb know your email address and we will invoice you through email and you
will find a link to “pay now” and follow the steps.
Transfers will also be accepted, either through Vancity account or through email.


Drop Off Policy
We ask for all children to be here as of 10am. This helps all children to be in the same daily routine for snack and
circle times. (If you would like your child to be able to participate in the daily art activities please arrive for 9:30am)
If you have a scheduled appointment and will be arriving after 10am please do let us know that you will be late by
9:30am or earlier (we prefer a days notice if it is available) then there will be no fee
If there is no scheduled appointment and you arrive later than 10am there will be a $5.00 late fee


Pick Up Policy
Children will not be released to anyone under the age of 19 years, even if the adult is around.
When picking up children from the outside play area, extra caution will be necessary due to the extreme dangers of
the parking lot and the ravine.
Please ensure that all children are hand lead to the safety of the vehicle.


OSC Scheduling Policy
Morning (am) is anytime from 6am-7:45am. Due to the bell schedule we will need all children here for morning drop
off by 7:45am to make sure all children are at school on time. Afternoon (pm) is from 2pm-6pm and if you do not
need pick up we will need to know before 2pm, via phone call or in person. During the summer schedule we ask that
all children are in attendance by 9:30am so we can depart for field trips and other outings, and we will arrive back at
the childcare by 4:30pm.